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  • 18. “Early Health Shocks, Intrahousehold Resource Allocation, and Child Outcomes” (with J.J. Heckman, J. Yi and J. Zhang). Also available as NBER wp20757. Forthcoming at the Economic Journal.

Selected Work in Progress – TO BE UPDATED SOON

  • - “The Long-Term Health Effects of Early Childhood Interventions(with J.J. Heckman and R. Pinto). Also available as NBER wp21454 and IZA dp9247. Accepted at the Economic Journal.
  • - “Born to Fail, Nurtured to Thrive? The Biology and Economics of Child Development”, in preparation for Child Development Perspectives.
  • - “Beyond Birthweight: The Fetal Origins of Health” (with K. Godfrey, M. Hanson, H. Inskip, S. Crozier, C. Cooper and the SWS group). In preparation for submission.
  • - “Health Insurance and Early Life Health: Evidence from Mexico (with R. Ginja). Under revision.


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