UCL podcast “How will the covid change nations, economies and health systems”. 

1 November 2021: I have been interviewed by Christine Garrington for the DIAL Podcast Documenting childhood inequalities and the case for early intervention“; I talk about my research on increasing inequalities in socio-emotional skills across British cohorts and its implications for post-COVID, and on the health impacts on Sure Start and its implications for Family Hubs.


“The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on time use, beliefs, investments and child development for first-time parents in England”. Work in progress. See videos below for a preview of some results!

I gave an invited talk on the covid-economics of child development and early interventions at the webinar series of the Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies on COVID-19 and Global Health. You can watch the video below (I start at 1:40).

Q&A from my presentation to the Institute of Health Visiting Annual Conference “Creating Healthy Children, COVID and beyond”. I talk about the work on health visiting redeployment.

See the video below for me talking about my research on COVID-19 at the ‘Scientific breakthroughs’ session at the European Research and Innovation Days in June 2021.