September 2018: I have been awarded a Research Grant by the Economic and Social Research Council to digitize for the first time detailed data that was collected from teachers in the National Child Development Study (at age 7 in 1965, and at age 11 in 1969) on childhood behaviours, from the Bristol Social Adjustment Guide (BSAG) (co-PI with A. Goodman). This will make the NCDS the largest and oldest representative cohort with information on child mental health and socio-emotional traits.

Sample teacher essay from the NCDS

September 2018: I have presented the paper “Workforce quality in early intervention: Evidence from a large-scale home-visiting programme” at the 3rd York Workshop of Labour and Family Economics (WOLFE).

September 2018: my new working paper “The value of health insurance: a household job search approach” (with R. Ginja and R. Narita) is the most downloaded HCEO WP in August 2018.

September 2018: I have been awarded a Small Research Grant from BA/Leverhulme Trust for the project “Fostering inmates’ well-being and mental health through meditation: a prison pilot” (PI F. Cornaglia, co-Is I. Rasul, V. Oppedisano, J. Jackson and D. Parsons).

September 2018: I have delivered an invited plenary talk at the XXVI European Congress of Perinatal Medicine in St. Petersburg on “Costs and Benfits of Pregnancy Interventions”.

August 2018: I have delivered the closing keynote lecture at the Nordic Health Economics Study Group (NHESG) in Tromso on “Early Intervention and Health across the Life Course”.

July 2018: I have been awarded a Small Grant from UCL Grand Challenges for the project “Boosting positive development in adolescence: a pilot study on meditation in school”.