Lab Researchers 

George Altmann. George is a 3rd-year B.Sc. student in the UCL Department of Economics. At the G-Lab, he is working on the collection of archival data on historical public health programmes.
Riccardo d’Adamo. Riccardo is a 6th-year Econ PhD student at UCL. His research is in Econometrics, in particular causal inference, machine learning and high-dimensional inference. He is working with Gabriella on a project proposing estimation methods for extracting measures of child development. https://sites.google.com/view/riccardodadamo/home
Dylan Celestino D’Mello. Dylan has been working as a Pre-Doc at the G-Lab since October 2020 and is currently involved in the collection and analysis of data on the health visiting programme in UK. He graduated from University of Warwick in 2019 with a BSc in Economics and from UCL in 2020 with a MSc in Economics. His research interests include Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics and Industrial Economics.
Sweta Gupta. Sweta is a Research Fellow in the UCL Department of Economics (since June 2021) who specialises in applied microeconomics with a focus on education and early childhood development. She has 8 years of experience leading and managing large scale RCTs in India, Latin America, and conflict-affected African countries on these themes, in partnership with NGOs, international organisations, and governments. She completed her Masters from the University of Oxford, and holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Sussex. At the G-Lab, Sweta is working on a large-scale field experiment in Ecuador and on the impacts of COVID-19 on children. https://sites.google.com/view/swetagupta/about
Gabriela Izurieta. Gaby is a student in the MSc Data Science and Public Policy at UCL. In the G-Lab, she is working on a large-scale trial aimed at improving the quality of an early intervention in Ecuador.
Kaicheng Lu. Kaicheng is a 3rd-year undergraduate student studying economics at UCL. He is interested in applied microeconomics, development economics and labour economics. At the G-Lab, he is working primarily on projects involving collection of archival data on historical shocks and policies. Kaicheng is also writing for UCL’s Economic Tribune on matters related to foreign aid effectiveness. In his spare time, he enjoys musicals, tennis and cooking.
Yang Qiu. Yang is a MRes student in Economics at UCL. Her research interests focus on child development and childhood education, particularly on mental health and social skills. At the G-Lab, she is working with the project relating with prenatal pollution shocks on child development.
Andrea Salvati. Andrea is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at UCL (since May 2022). His main research interests are economics of education and labor economics, with a focus on human capital development during early childhood and adolescence. Andrea is currently working with Gabriella on the evaluation of several home visiting programs in the UK.
Emma Scandolo. Emma is a 1st year PhD student at UCL Economics. She is working on the cost of gender-based violence, supporting the work of the Lancet Commission on GBV and CYP Maltreatment.  
Skand Sharma. Skand is a 3rd year B.Sc Economics undergraduate student at UCL. Besides working as an undergraduate research assistant, he is also associated with the UCL Hedge Fund Society as a Forex Analyst. Skand’s research interests include applied microeconomics, development economics, and monetary policy. At the G-Lab, Skand is working on projects involving collection of archival data on historical shocks and policies.  
Kadambari Singh. Kadambari is a final year undergraduate Economics student at UCL. She also serves as the chairperson of UCL’s Economist’s Society.
Jun Tang. Jun is a MRes student in the UCL Department of Economics. At the G-Lab, she is working on projects on the health production function.
Alessandro Toppeta. Alessandro is a PhD student in the UCL Department of Economics. At the G-Lab, he is working on parental beliefs on risks and returns to investments.

Lab Affiliates

Jiaqi Li. Jiaqi is a 2nd-year PhD student in Economics at the University of Warwick. His research aims at reducing child inequalities, via a better understanding of the interplay between household choices and child development, and how such interplay is affected by changes in policy incentives, information intervention, or macro-environment. At the G-Lab, Jiaqi is working on child mental health and home visiting programmes.
Yichen Yu. Yichen is a 1st year MPhil student at Oxford (previously at UCL). His research interests focus on inclusive growth in human capital, particularly on health and education topics. At the G-Lab, he is working on the collection and analysis of data on the universal health visiting programme in the UK.

Lab Alumni

Mirko De Maria

Abigail Dow

Shivam Gujral

Tatiana Paredes

Stavros Poupakis

Junzhao Shi