Current Research


Beyond Birthweight: The Origins of Human Capital” (with K. Godfrey, M. Hanson, H. Inskip, S. Crozier and C. Cooper), IFS WP 18-30, HCEO WP 2018-89, IZA DP 13296. Submitted.

“The effects of home visiting on mother-child interactions: Evidence from a randomised trial using dynamic micro-level data” (with S. Poupakis, M. Sandner and S. Kliem). IFS WP 2020-4. HCEO WP 2019-66, IZA DP 12397. Submitted.

“Health Effects of in Utero Exposure to the Dutch Hunger Winter”, with S. Poupakis, P. Ekamper, F. van Poppel, G. Bjiward and L.H. LumeyIn preparation for submission.

“(Growing) Up in Smoke? The impact of prenatal and postnatal maternal smoking on child development” (with S. Cattan and F. Salvati). In preparation for submission.

“Consequences of Health at Birth” (with E. Björkegren, A. Butikofer, M. Palme and K. Salvanes). Draft in preparation.

“Workforce quality in early intervention: Evidence from a large-scale home-visiting programme” (with S. Cattan). Winner of the 3rd prize for best paper at the Essen Health Conference 2018. Work in progress.


“The economic costs of child maltreatment in the UK” (with M. Melnychuk, S. Morris and E. Pizzo). NSPCC Research Report. Submitted.

“The Health Effects of Early Interventions: Evidence from Sure Start” (with S. Cattan, C. Farquharson and R. Ginja). IFS Report available. Featured in The Conversation. Voted #4 U.K. public health achievement of the 21st century. Work in progress.

“The Biology of Child Development: DNA Experimental Evidence from Colombia” (with O. Attanasio, P. Jervis and C. Meghir). Work in progress.


“Who Benefits from Free Health Insurance? Evidence from Mexico” (with R. Ginja). IFS WP 17-26. Revised and Resubmitted (second round) at the Journal of Human Resources.

“The Value of Health Insurance: A Household Job Search Approach” (with R. Ginja and R. Narita). IFS WP 18-20. IZA DP 11706. HCEO WP 2018-050. Most downloaded HCEO and IFS WP in the months of August and September 2018. Featured in the HCEO Research Spotlight. Submitted.

“The Indian Health Insurance Experiment: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect of Hospital Insurance on Utilization and Health” (with K. Imai, C. Kinnan, A. Malani and A. Voena). Revised and resubmitted at the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).


“The impacts of COVID-19 on Health Visiting in England” (with A. Dow), UCL Briefing Paper.