Research in Progress

(Re-)Submitted Papers

“The Value of Health Insurance: A Household Job Search Approach” (with R. Ginja and R. Narita). IFS WP 18-20. IZA DP 11706. HCEO WP 2018-050. Most downloaded HCEO and IFS WP in the months of August and September 2018. Featured in the HCEO Research Spotlight. Updated version R&R at Journal of Labor Economics.

Severe Prenatal Shocks and Adolescent Health: Evidence from the Dutch Hunger Winter, with S. Poupakis, P. Ekamper, G. Bjiward and L.H. Lumey. CEPR DP 16633. IFS WP 21-36. IZA DP 14789. HCEO WP 2021-56. Featured in VoxEU. Slightly revised version submitted.

“The Health Effects of Early Interventions: Evidence from Sure Start” (with S. Cattan, C. Farquharson and R. Ginja). IFS WP 22-43. CEPR DP 16730. HCEO WP 2021-51, IZA DP 14868. Featured in The Conversation. Submitted.

Parental Beliefs, Perceived Health Risks, and Time Investment in Children: Evidence from COVID-19” (with M. Giannola and A. Toppeta). IFS WP 22-51. IZA DP 15675. CEPR DP 17724. Submitted.

“Medium-Term Health Effects of Prenatal and Infant/Toddler Home Visiting Programs by Nurses”, with D. Olds et al. Submitted.

In Preparation for Submission

“Effect of Health Insurance in India: A Randomized Controlled Trial” (with A. Malani, P. Holtzman, K. Imai, C. Kinnan, M. Miller, S.Swaminathan, A. Voena and B. Woda). IFS WP 21-47. HCEO WP 2021-055. NBER WP 29576. IZA DP 14913. Featured in BFI InsightsIdeas for India and VoxDev.

For Better or Worse? Subjective Expectations and Cost-Benefit Trade-Offs in Health Behavior: An Application to Lockdown Compliance in the United Kingdom” (with P. Giustinelli).

How Malleable Are COVID-19 Related Perceptions? Evidence from a light-touch information-&-sensitization intervention” (with P. Giustinelli and M. De Maria).

Beyond Birthweight: The Origins of Human Capital” (with K. Godfrey, M. Hanson, H. Inskip, S. Crozier and C. Cooper), IFS WP 18-30, HCEO WP 2018-89, IZA DP 13296.

“Consequences of Health at Birth” (with E. Björkegren, A. Butikofer, M. Palme and K. Salvanes).

Work in Progress

“(Growing) Up in Smoke? The impact of prenatal and postnatal maternal smoking on child development” (with S. Cattan and F. Salvati).

“The Biology of Child Development: DNA Experimental Evidence from Colombia” (with O. Attanasio, P. Jervis, C. Meghir and A. Okbay).

“Workforce quality in early intervention: Evidence from a large-scale home-visiting programme” (with S. Cattan and C. Farquharson).

Short- and Medium-Term Effects of In-Utero Health Interventions: Evidence from the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes” (with P. Rodrigues-Lesmes).

Genes, Parental Education, and Inequalities in Human Capital: Evidence from two British Cohorts” (with S. van Alten and P. Wu).

The State of Health Visiting in England: Trends and Consequences” (with D. D’Mello, A. Salvati and Y. Yu).