Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions

Since Feb. 2016: Associate Professor in Economics (with tenure), Department of Economics and Social Research Institute, University College London. Co-Investigator, National Child Development Study.

Since July 2020: Associate Editor at the Journal of Health Economics.

Since June 2019: JPAL-LAC Invited Researcher.

Since Feb. 2019: Research Fellow, IZA (Institute of Labor Economics), Bonn.

Since Jan. 2015: Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, U.K.

Since Jan. 2018: Fellow, Global Labor Organization.

Since Feb. 2018: Research Fellow, CEIS University of Tor Vergata, Rome.

Since Nov. 2016: Honorary Research Fellow, Cardiff University.

Since 2011: Member of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity (HCEO) Group, University of Chicago. 

Since 2011: Visiting Scientist, Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Division, Faculty of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital, University of Southampton, U.K.

Previous Positions

Oct. 2015-Feb. 2016: Reader in Health Economics, Department of Applied Health Research, University College London.

Oct. 2013-2015: Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, Department of Applied Health Research, University College London.

2013-2015: Research Fellow, USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research.

2013-2015: Research Affiliate, Population Research Center, University of  Chicago.

2013-2014: Research Associate, Institute for Fiscal Studies.

2011-2015: Honorary Research Fellow, School of Social and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bristol.

2011-2014: Faculty  Research  Fellow,  National  Bureau  of  Economic  Research  (NBER),  Children and  Health Economics Programs.

2011-Oct. 2013: Research Associate (Assistant Professor), Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago.

Jan. 2013: Visiting Fellow, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton University.

2009-2013: Research Associate, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex.

2008-2011: Post-Doctoral Scholar, Department of Economics, University of Chicago. Mentor: Prof. James J. Heckman.

2006-2008: Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Essex.


2003-2008: Ph.D. in Economics, University of Essex. Supervisors: Prof. S.E. Pudney and Dr. A. Gosling. Thesis title: “Training, cognition and addiction: A microeconometric analysis”. Internal examiner: Prof. A. Booth. External examiner: Prof. W. Arulampalam (University of Warwick).

2000-2004: Research Doctorate in Economics, University of Napoli “Federico II”.

2002-2003: MSc in Economics, University of Essex. Awarded with Merit.

2001-2002: Postgraduate Diploma in Economics, University of Essex. Awarded with Distinction.

2001: Course in Essential Statistics for Economics and Econometrics (Grade: A), LSE Summer School.

2000: Courses in Introductory Microeconomics (Grade: A+) and Introductory Macroeconomics (Grade: A), LSE Summer School.

1994-1999: Laurea (B.Sc.) in Law, University of Napoli “Federico II”. Grade: 110/110 summa cum laude.

1989-1994: Maturita’ Classica (Classical High School Degree). Grade: 60/60.

Honours and Awards

Top 3% Female Economists, Last 10 Years Publications. Top 5% Economist, Last 10 Years Publication. Top 6% Female Economists Overall. Top 3% overall for downloads in the last 12 months.

Oct. 2019: Philip Leverhulme Prize in Economics, which “recognises the achievement of outstanding researchers whose work has already attracted international recognition and whose future career is exceptionally promising.”

Oct. 2019: Plenary Nick Hales Award Lecture, DOHaD Society World Congress

2019: Nick Hales Award from the DOHaD society, awarded every two years to “a young and emerging investigator who has made an outstanding scientific contribution to the DOHaD field”

2019-2024: ERC Consolidator Award

2015-2019: British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship

Since June 2019: JPAL-LAC Invited Researcher.

Since February 2019: Research Fellowship, IZA

Since Jan. 2014: Research Fellowship, Institute for Fiscal Studies.

May 2019: Keynote Speaker, Workshop “The Social Gradient in Human Capital”, University of Uppsala.

August 2018: Keynote Speaker, Nordic Health Economist Study Group (NHESG), University of Tromso.

Nov. 2016: Honorary Research Fellowship, Cardiff University. Keynote Speaker, “Socioeconomic differences and health later in life” Conference, University of Groningen.

Oct. 2016: Keynote Speaker, “The Power of Programming” Conference, Munich; and “Health and Gender” Workshop, University of Essex.

Dec. 2015: Keynote Speaker, National Congress of the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine, Assisi.

Since Nov. 2015: Trustee, FYIR (Foundation Years Information and Research), President Karen Buck MP, Honorary President Frank Field MP.

Nov. 2014: Invited speaker to Portcullis House, House of Commons, UK Parliament, FYIR/APPG (Foundation Years Information and Research/ All-Party Parliamentary Group for Conception to  Age Two – The First 1001 Days) critical days seminar. Introduction by Dame Tessa Jowell MP.

Nov. 2014: Keynote Speaker, DOHaD French Society Conference, Nantes.

Nov. 2013: Keynote Speaker, DOHaD World Congress, Singapore.

Apr. 2013: Keynote Speaker, `Rethinking Barker’ Health Conference, University of Duisburg-Essen.

Jan. 2013: Visiting Fellow, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton University. Host: Prof. Janet Currie.

2011-2013: Faculty  Research  Fellow,  National  Bureau  of  Economic  Research (NBER),  Children and  Health Economics Programs.

2012-2013: Member of the NIA-sponsored “Network on Reversibility”.

Since 2010: Member of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity (HCEO) Global Working Group, University of Chicago.

2010: ESWC Travel Grant.

2009: Keynote Speaker, CDC Steven M. Teutsch Prevention Effectiveness (PE) Fellowship Graduation Luncheon.

2004: Graduate Teaching Special Commendation, Department of Economics, University of Essex.

2003-2006: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) PhD Scholarship.

2000-2002: University of Napoli “Federico II” Doctorate Scholarship.


(excluding presentations by co-authors)

2021 ASSA IHEA session on “Impact of COVID-19 information and policies on risk perceptions, preventive behaviors and pro-social behavior”, Copenhagen workshop on foster care and child maltreatment (Keynote), University of California in Santa Barbara, University of Glasgow, University of Leuven, IZA Bonn, DIW Berlin.

2020 University of Cambridge (scheduled), Catholique University of Louvain, IZA Bonn (scheduled), Aarhus University (scheduled), University of Surrey (scheduled), the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission’s Competence Centre on Microeconomics Evaluation (scheduled), DFID Economics Seminar Series (scheduled), iHV Evidence-based Practice conference: “Creating Healthy Children, 2020” (invited plenary, scheduled), Interdisciplinary conference on coronavirus and childhood “Rainbows in our windows” (invited speaker, scheduled), NBER Health Economics group (scheduled), University of Lancaster (scheduled), Econometric Society World Congress (scheduled).

2019 ASSA iHEA session “Impact of Health System Reforms”, Second World Congress on Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine (invited speaker), University of Strathclyde, Uppsala Workshop “The Social Gradient in Human Capital” (invited keynote speaker), Global FIGO-DOHaD-WHO Forum on “Economic Crisis, Women’s Health and DOHaD Consequences” (invited speaker), Universidade de São Paulo, PUC Rio, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Amsterdam, University of Lund (cancelled), Royal Economic Society Conference, FYIR Seminar (Portcullis House, Westminster), First 1001 Critical Days APPG seminar (Westminster, invited speaker), iHEA Conference (invited speaker), “Health Economics for Translational Research” Workshop (invited speaker), iHV Perinatal and Infant Mental Health annual conference (invited speaker), Health Economics Initiative’s Annual Conference BFI at the University of Chicago, Copenhagen workshop “The importance of early-life circumstances: Shocks, parents and policies” (invited speaker), University of Southampton Applied Microeconomics Workshop (invited speaker), University of Essex MiSoC Applied Microeconomics Workshop (invited speaker), IGSS Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences conference, DOHaD World Congress (invited session speaker and plenary speaker), University of Melbourne, University of Sidney, Western Sidney University, Southern Economic Association (invited speaker), The College of William & Mary, John Hopkins University.

2018 NBER Summer Institute Children’s Group, Nordic Health Economist Study Group (invited keynote speaker), Workshop “Information and Health Behaviour” (invited panel speaker), Queen Mary University of London, 1st UCL Health Economics Workshop, University of Venezia Ca’ Foscari, NBER Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar, XXVI European Congress of Perinatal Medicine (invited speaker), IX IBEO Health Economics Alghero workshop, GSE Barcelona Summer Forum Workshop “Child Health, Well-Being and Human Capital Formation”, NYU Abu Dhabi, IZA/CEPR European Summer Symposium in Labour Economics (ESSLE), Workshop on Labour and Family Economics in York (WOLFE), Econometric Society Winter Meeting.

2017 First World Congress on Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine (invited speaker), 9th International Symposium on “Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy” (invited speaker), York University, Social Mobility Commission Workshop “Left behind Britain: Narrowing the social mobility divide” (invited speaker), Royal Economic Society Conference (invited session), Le Grand Forum de Tout Petits (invited speaker), University of Bonn, University of Surrey, University of Rome Tor Vergata, IHEA World Congress, NBER Summer Institute (Health Group), Odense Workshop “Medical Interventions and Socio-Economic Outcomes” (invited), AIEL (Italian Association of Labour Economists) annual conference.

2016 “Health and Gender” Workshop at the University of Essex (keynote), ECD conference at EDePo, “The Power of Programming” Conference in Munich (keynote), International Congress of Obesity in Toronto (invited expert, declined for competing commitments), Early Intervention Foundation Conference (invited expert), University of Manchester, 4th Toulouse Economics and Biology Workshop, Economics of the Family Workshop at Notre-Dame Campus in London, University of Toronto, GOEK Essen Conference on “New Frontiers in the Economics of Fertility”, Barcelona GSE Summer Forum Children Workshop, Global Conference on “Maternal Infant Health” in Florence (invited expert), University of Groningen conference “Socioeconomic differences and health later in life” (keynote, declined for competing commitment).

2015 CIREQ Montreal Applied Economics Conference, EALE/SOLE meetings, ESEM meetings, EDePo workshop “Improving productivity in developing countries”, NBER Cohort Studies Group meeting, Pint of Science Festival, University of Bergen, University of Bristol, University of Stirling, University of Toulouse, University of Warwick Workshop in Labour Economics, GOEK Essen Conference on “New Frontiers in Education and Health”, Social and Behavioural Epigenetics Workshop, National Congress of the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine (keynote), 5th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy (invited expert, declined due to competing commitments), Workshop on “Frontiers in the Economics of Education” (invited expert), “Public Health and Nutrition Economics: the numbers behind prevention?” European Commission workshop (invited expert, declined due to competing commitments).

2014 London School of Economics (CEP), Duke University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Southern California (CESR), Northwestern University, University of California in San Diego, University of Sussex,  University of Essex (ISER), Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo at IFS) seminar, Institute of Education, London, NBER Cohort Studies Group Meeting, NBER Summer Institute Health Group Meeting, GOEK Conference “Rethinking Barker: Developing economic perspectives of how early life factors shape later life outcomes” (keynote speaker), meeting “Child wellbeing, development and disability in Mexico: Creating a knowledge base for future research and policymaking”, Central Bank of Mexico, Organizational workshop “Health and Economic Development Lab” at the University of Chicago Law School, HCEO conference “Genetics and Behavior”, ASSA meetings (1 talk, X2 discussant), European Economic Association meeting, Conference on the “Socio-Economic Determinants of Health” at the University of Edinburgh, NIH/OBSSR Workshop “New Frontiers – Education and Health”, IOM Workshop “Health and Education – Working Together for Common Goals” (declined for overlapping commitment), American Enterprise Institute ”Closing the gaps in health outcomes: Alternative paths forward”, “Multistate Models: Bridging Biostatistics, Demography and Econometrics” workshop at the University of Leiden (declined for overlapping commitment), first ESRC/BBSRC/NIH/NSF Social and Behavioral Epigenetics Workshop, Nuffield Foundation workshop “Improving Outcomes in Early Years Education and Childcare: What’s the Evidence?” (invited participant), IEU Workshop on “Instrumental Variables and Related Methods” at the University of Bristol (invited participant), Annual Health Econometrics Workshop (AHEW, discussant), “Beyond Birthweight”  Workshop at the University of Sussex, ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, London Health Economics Group (LHEG), DOHaD French Society Second Meeting (keynote speaker), FYIR/APPG critical days seminar in Portcullis House at the House of Commons (UK Parliament), Workshop “Public Services in Developing Countries” at the University of Bristol, University of Uppsala, University of Lund, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

2013 Princeton University, SRCD biennial meeting, NBER Cohort Studies Group, NBER Summer Institute, NIA Reversibility Network Meetings, NICHD Workshop “Nature and Nurture: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Children’s Responses to Adversity”, Harris School of Public Policy Alumni Workshop, DOHaD conference (one talk + keynote speaker), Columbia University Epidemiology Scientific Symposium (CUESS), Institute for Fiscal Studies Workshop “Human Capital and Lifecycle Behavior”, UCL Early Childhood Development Workshop.

2012 RAND, BFI Conference “The Biological Basis of Economic Preferences and Behavior”, Grantmakers In Health (GIH) Annual Meeting on Health Philanthropy, NIH workshop “Improving Animal Models of Human Behavioral and Social Processes”, ASSA meetings.

2011 University of Zurich, INET Young Scholar Initiative, MFI Conference “Individuals and Institutions in the Health Care Sector”, University of Hawaii, NBER Cohort Studies Meeting, ICREA-MOVE Conference on Family Economics, EALE Annual Conference, NICHD Vision Conference on Behavior, ASSA meetings.

2010 Chicago Fed, University of Bristol, University of Chicago, UNICEF ECD Global Network Meeting, NBER China Working Group Meeting, National Academy of Science, University of Auckland, Workshop “The Biological Basis of Behavioral Economics”, University of Essex, CELSE Conference, Econometric Society World Congress, ASHE Conference, EALE-SOLE Conference, Conference “Understanding ageing: Health, wealth and wellbeing at fifty and beyond”, AMERB Meeting, ASSA meetings.

Funding (since 2013)

2020-2024 ESRC/GCRF UKRI grant for the project “Improving the Quality of Universal Home Visiting: The case of Creciendo con Nuestros Hijos (CNH) in Ecuador”. Role: PI. Co-Is: Zelee Hill and Tatiana Paredes. Budget: £1,233,946. Grant Ref: ES/T004169/1.

2019-2024 European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Award (SH1 Economics Panel) for the project “The Developmental Origins of Health: Biology, Shocks, Investments, and Policies” (DEVORHBIOSHIP). Role: PI. Budget: Euros 1,738,763.

2019-2024 H2020 grant for the project “Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic Non-communicable diseases” (LONGITOOLS). Role: co-PI. PI: Sylvain Sebert (Oulu). UCL Budget: Euros 729,781. Total budget: Euros 11,997,448.

2020-2022 Nuffield Foundation Grant for the project “A comprehensive evaluation of the short and medium term impacts of Sure Start”. Role: Co-I. Budget: £181,623.

2019-2021 £100,000 Philip Leverhulme Prize for the project “Health Visiting in the United Kingdom”.

2018-2021 NORFACE DIAL grant for the project “Growing up Unequal? The Origins, Dynamics and Lifecycle Consequences of Childhood Inequalities”. Role: co-PI with K. Salvanes (NHH) and M. Gurgand (PSE). IFS budget: Euros 592,745. Total budget: Euros 1,484,315.

2019-2021 Nuffield Foundation Grant for the project “What Works in Prenatal Home Visiting Programmes”. Role: PI. Budget: £202,633.

2015-2020 Nuffield Foundation grant for the project “The Health Effects of Early Interventions: Evidence from Sure Start”. Role: PI. Total budget: £143,000+£30,000.

2019-2020 International Growth Centre grant for the project “The Indian Health Insurance Experiment”. PI: A. Malani. Role: co-I with C. Kynnan and A. Voena. Budget: £94,530.

2019-2020 Frontiers of Development GCRF Seed Funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering on “New methods to measure child-caregiver interactions”. PI: Caspar Addyman (Goldsmiths). Role: co-I. Budget: £19,447.

2019-2020 UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme “Using co-design to investigate the preventative and enabling factors towards child’s play in outdoor spaces in urban host communities”. Role: PI. Co-I: Marie Williams (UCL). Budget: £7,500.

2019-2020 Seed funding from the UCL “Cities Partnerships Programme: Rome Funds” for the project “The impact of maternal labor protection on pregnancy outcomes and infant health”, in collaboration with V. Atella and J. Kopinska (U. Tor Vergata) and M. Lindeboom (U. of Amsterdam). Budget: £3.5k.

2018-2020 Health Foundation Grant for the project “The Economic and Social Value of Health”. Role: co-I. Total budget: £349,621.

2019 Seeding and Harvesting Research – Small Grants UCL SHS for the project “Subjective Health Returns to Lifestyles”, in collaboration with P. Giustinelli (Bocconi). Budget: £2k.

2018-2020 NIA/NIH grant for the project “Polygenic scores computation and analysis in the National Child Development Study”, 3R01AG052519-02S1. Role: PI. Budget: $117,924.

2018-2020 ESRC Research Grant for the project “Childhood psychological health in NCDS: legacy data project to digitize the Bristol Social Adjustment Guide” (co-PI with A. Goodman). Budget: £278,665.

2018-2019 BA/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant for the project “Fostering inmates’ well-being and mental health through meditation: a prison pilot” (PI F. Cornaglia). Role: co-I with I. Rasul, F. Cornaglia, V. Oppedisano, J. Jackson and D. Parsons). Budget: £9,990.

2018-2019 UCL Grand Challenges Small Grant for the project “Boosting positive development in adolescence: a pilot study on meditation in school”. Role: co-PI with P. Fearon (UCL Brain Sciences). Co-Is: F. Cornaglia, V. Oppedisano, D. Parson and I. Rasul. Budget: £3,990.

2018-2022 “Healthy transitions from mid-life to early older age: biomedical follow-up of 1958 British Cohort Study members at age 60”, $1,618,270 from the National Institute on Aging/National Institute of Health (NIA/NIH). Role: co-I.

2017-2021 “National Child Development Study Wave 10”, £294,177 from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Role: co-I.

2017-2021 “Biomedical follow-up of 1958 Birth Cohort Study members at age 60”, £1,125,574 from the Medical Research Council (MRC). Role: co-I.


2019 Seed funding from the UCL “Cities Partnerships Programme: Rome Funds” for the project “Policy Options to Reduce the Burden of Disease in England: A Dynamic Microsimulation Model”, in collaboration with V. Atella and A. Mortari (U. of Tor Vergata). Budget: £5k.

2019 CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) grant for the project “The Value of Free Health Insurance Schemes in Developing Countries” (co-PI with R. Narita). Budget: USD $15,000.

2018-2019 CLOSER Innovation Fund grant for the project “Assessment and harmonisation of cognitive measures in British birth cohorts”. Role: co-I. Total budget: £134,427.

2015-2019 “Understanding the Dynamic determinants of glucose homeostasis and psychosocial capability to promote Healthy and active ageing (DynaHEALTH), Euros 5,917,266 from Horizon 2020. Role: co-I.

2015-2019 British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship for the project “Equilibrium labor market effects of non-contributory health insurance: Evidence from Mexico”. Role: co-PI with Renata Narita (University of Sao Paulo). Total budget: £40,810 GBP.

2014-2018 “Understanding the effects of introducing and expanding a universal health insurance program in   medium-income countries: Lessons from Mexico”, 2,952,000 SEK from the Swedish Research Council. Role: co-PI with Rita Ginja (University of Bergen).

2015-2017 “INTERpreting epigenetic signatures in STudies of Early Life Adversity (InterStELA)”, early and mid-career researchers network co-sponsored by BBSRC/ESRC. Role: co-I. PI: Laura Howe, University of Bristol. Total budget: £198,285.

2015–2017 “Prenatal Under Nutrition and Mortality Through Age 63”, $365,860 from NIA/NIH. Role: co-I. PI: L.H. Lumey (Columbia University).

2016 Centre for the Economic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) small grant for the project “The Long-Term Effects of Child Care: Evidence from Britain”. Role: co-PI with Sarah Cattan (IFS). Total budget: £10,000.

2016-2017 The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust grant for the project “The Production of Child Development: Evidence from the Family Nurse Partnership”. Role: PI. Total budget: £20,000.

2015-2016 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) grant for the project “The long-term economic consequences of child maltreatment in the UK”. Role: PI. Total budget: £38,000.

2015 “Impact Evaluation of a Public Health Insurance Plan in India: Post Health Event Survey Pilot”, £32,338 from the International Growth Centre. Role: co-I with A. Malani, A. Voena and R. Laxamariyan. PI: Cynthia Kinnan (Northwestern University).

Refereeing Activity

Economics Journals: American Economic Journals-Applied, American Economic Review, American Journal of Health Economics, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Economic Journal, Economic Letters, Economics Bulletin, Education Economics, European Economic Review, European Journal of Health Economics, Economic Inquiry, Economics and Human Biology, Fiscal Studies, Health Economics, Industrial Relations, International Economic Review, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Human Capital, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Economic Papers, Quantitative Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economics of the Household, Review of Economic Dynamics, Review of Economic Studies, Southern Economic Journal, World Development.

Non-Economics Journals: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Sociological Review, Archives of General Psychiatry, Behavior Research Methods, BMC Medicine, BMC Public Health, Child Development, Children and Youth Services Review, Demography, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, International Journal of Drug Policy, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, International Journal of Epidemiology, International Journal of Microsimulation, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, JAMA Pediatrics, The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, Journal of Population Ageing, The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, Nature Communications, Plos One, Population Studies, Science, Social Science and Medicine.

Funding bodies: British Academy, Danida Fellowship Centre, Danish Council for Independent Research, Economic and Social Research Council, European Research Council, Icelandic Research Fund, Medical Research Council, National Institute for Health Research, Nuffield Foundation, World Bank, Agence Nationale de la Recherche.