• My paper “The effects of two influential early childhood interventions on health and healthy behaviors” has been featured in the New York Times (22 October 2015).
  • I have been interviewed by the Plexus Institute (August 2014) on my work on the health effects of the Abecedarian intervention. See the recorded interview is here. My paper “Early Childhood Investments Substantially Boost Adult Health” has been featured in: The New York Times (three times), The Boston Globe, and The Huffington Post (among others).
  • I have presented my research on the developmental approach to health policy at the American Enterprise Institute event “Closing the gaps in health outcomes: Alternative paths forward”. See the recorded video here.
  • I have been featured with a video interview in the latest edition of “The Science of Being Human: Profiles in Behavioral Science” by NIH: The Science of Nurturing.
  • My work on the health effects of early life adversity (insecure attachment) in rhesus monkeys has been featured in the TIME. I have also been interviewed by Michael Stang for the Deutschlandfunk.

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