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My paper Inequality in socio-emotional skills: A cross-cohort comparison h

My two papers on the age 18 impacts for mothers and children of the Nurse Family Partnership Memphis Trial have been featured in US News, Yahoo News, Education Week, FNP E-bulletin and El Comercio.

My report on the health effects of Sure Start has been featured in the Nuffield Foundation blog, The Guardian (x2), The Times (x2), Financial Times (x3), The Independent, The Mirror (x2) (x3), The Daily Mail, The BBC, The Victoria Derbyshire Show, The Conversation, Nursery World and The Parliamentary Review. It was discussed in the House of Lords in a half-hour emergency debate the day after its release and in the House of Commons, cited in the “Marmot Review 10 Years On” and voted #4 of 21st century U.K. public health achievements. In the 2019 election, both Labour and the Liberal Democrats cited this research to justify their manifesto plans for an extra £1 billion to reverse Sure Start budget cuts.

My pilot on transcendental meditation in a primary school in London has been featured in the Guardian.

My work on fetal development has been featured with a video interview (above) in the BOLD Blog on Learning and Development by the Jacobs Foundation.

My paper “The effects of two influential early childhood interventions on health and healthy behaviors” has been featured in the New York Times (22 October 2015).

I have been interviewed by the Plexus Institute (August 2014) on my work on the health effects of the Abecedarian intervention. Listen to the recorded interview is here.

I have presented my research on the developmental approach to health policy at the American Enterprise Institute event “Closing the gaps in health outcomes: Alternative paths forward”. See the recorded video here and below.

My paper “Early Childhood Investments Substantially Boost Adult Health” has been featured in: The New York Times (x2), The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, Quartz.

I have been featured with a video interview in the latest edition of “The Science of Being Human: Profiles in Behavioral Science” by NIH: The Science of Nurturing (below).

My work on the health effects of early life adversity (insecure attachment) in rhesus monkeys has been featured in the TIME. I have also been interviewed by Michael Stang for the Deutschlandfunk.

I was interviewed by Patrick Bernau for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung after my talk at the ASSA meetings (Chicago, 2012).

My paper “Popularity” on the wage returns to social skills has been featured in: The Sunday  Times, The  Telegraph, The  Independent, Daily Post, BBC News, Freakonomics Blog, Marginal Revolution Blog, Los Angeles Times, La Tercera, The Times  of India, The West Australian, BBC5 and New York Times, the TIME, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Magazine, the American Public Radio and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. I have also been interviewed by Suzanne Pekow for American RadioWorks.

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